OEM Types of Condom

OEM Types of Condom

Depending on the requirements Condoms can be briefly classified as of the following types, and various flavours like Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Mint, Apple, etc. can be added:

Plain Condoms - These condoms are for that Sensual & Close Feeling.

Dotted Condoms - These condoms have specially Moulded dots on the outside to stimulate and heighten the pleasure of love making.

Ribbed Condoms - These condoms have delicately textured ribs designed for extra sensation.

Multi Texture (3 in 1 Condoms ) - These condoms have unique combination of 3 textures to provide extra stimulation for both partners.

Ultra Thin Condoms - Ultra thin condoms are super fine condoms providing greater sensitivity.

Spike Condoms - These condoms are having spring action for creating that extra pleasure feeling to both partners.

Coloured Condoms - For visual pleasure.

Polyurethane Condoms-Non Latex For people who are latex allergy.

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