magic condom for men

magic condom for men

Magic condom is a narrower on its tip where the sensitivity is the greatest idea. For this reason it feels better than a normal straight condom. Popular Magic condom is the most sold condom in Europe market. Magic condom is pre-lubricated, shaped with a reservoir. It is a smooth surface and colorless condom. 100% Individually and Electronically tested in the line, so consumer can choose it freely.


Any new idea of condom is welcome for us, our engineers can custom produce for you, some mature condom also from client's idea, such as the spike condom, lollipop condoms, welcome contact our sales team directly.



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    By DHL/Fedex/UPS for sample order

    By Air (Plane) for trial order

    By sea(20 or 40 Feet container) for bulk.