long time sex condoms with delay effect

long time sex condoms with delay effect

Long time delay condoms are laced with a climax delay lubricant that slightly numbs the male genitalia to reduce excess sensitivity. This reduced sensitivity results in delayed ejaculation without affecting sexual arousals or erections.


The active ingredient in climax delay condoms is benzocaine, a mild anesthetic, which temporarily desensitizes the glans' feeling to make it lasts longer. According to client's favorites, we can make it in cream or jelly and put it into the inside of tip, welcome inquiry us by email to produce your own label foil and box of long time sex condom:



  • Shipping Info

    By DHL/Fedex/UPS for sample order

    By Air(Plane) for trial order

    By Sea (20 or 40 Feet container) for bulk

  • Custom Order MOQ

    MOQ: 100 000pcs

    Order less than MOQ also workable, but clients need pay extra fees as follows:

    Own label Foil print setup charge us$250/design+us$70/color plate

    Own label box print: setup fees us$200/shape box.