lady candom condom supplier for female

lady candom condom supplier for female

Lady condoms (also called female or Internal condoms, some countries named it women condom) are easy to use with a little practice. Here are the basics on how to insert it, use, and remove a internal condom. 


The internal condom is bigger than a regular condom, but don’t worry: it’s not uncomfortable when you insert it correctly.


1. Check the expiration date on the foil and box package, and then open it carefully by finger.

2. The internal condom comes already lubricated, but you can add more lube if you prefer.

3. If you are putting the condom in your anus, remove the inner ring. If you are putting the condom in your vagina, leave the ring in.

4. Relax and get into a comfortable position. Standing with one foot on a chair, lying down, or squatting are common faves.

5. If it is going in your vagina, squeeze together the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of the condom and slide it in like a tampon. Push the inner ring into your vagina as far as it can go, up to your cervix.

6. If it’s going in your anus, just push the condom in by your finger.

7. Make sure the condom isn't twisted. Pull out your finger and let the outer ring hang about an inch outside the vagina or anus. 

8. Hold the condom open as the penis or sex toy is going into the condom to make sure it doesn’t slip to the side between the condom and your vagina or anus.


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  • Shipping Info

    By DHL/Fedex/UPS for sample order

    By Air (Plane) for trial order

    By sea(20 or 40 Feet container) for bulk.

  • Custom Order MOQ

    MOQ: 100 000 Pcs

    Order less than MOQ also workable, But clients need pay extra fee of following:

    Own label Foil print setup charge us$250/design+ us$70/color plate Own label box print: setup fee us$200/shape box.